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How do I report illegal online gambling in the Philippines?
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How do I report illegal online gambling in the Philippines?
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How to Report Illegal Online Gambling in the Philippines

Illegal online gambling poses a significant threat to society, undermining regulations, and potentially harming individuals. In the Philippines, where gambling laws are in place to regulate the industry, reporting illegal activities is crucial for maintaining integrity and safety. This article will guide you through the process of reporting illegal online gambling in the Philippines and the steps to take to ensure effective action against such activities.


Illegal online gambling refers to any form of gambling conducted through the internet that violates local laws and regulations. It encompasses various activities, including unauthorized sports betting, unlicensed online casinos, and illicit online lotteries. While the Philippines has established laws to regulate gambling activities, illegal operators continue to exploit vulnerabilities, posing risks to consumers and the integrity of the industry.

Understanding Illegal Online Gambling

To effectively report illegal online gambling, one must first understand its nature and implications. Illegal gambling can take various forms, such as unlicensed websites offering casino games, sports betting platforms operating without permits, or underground lottery schemes. These activities often evade taxes, lack consumer protections, and may even facilitate money laundering and other criminal activities.

Laws and Regulations in the Philippines

In the Philippines, gambling activities are regulated under the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) and other regulatory bodies. The country has specific laws that govern both land-based and online gambling operations. The Anti-Illegal Gambling Act imposes penalties on individuals and entities involved in illegal gambling, including hefty fines and imprisonment.

Reporting Illegal Online Gambling

Reporting illegal online gambling is not only a civic duty but also essential for maintaining the integrity of the gambling industry. Individuals can report such activities to the authorities, including PAGCOR, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), and the Philippine National Police (PNP). These agencies have the mandate to investigate and take legal action against illegal gambling operators.

Steps to Take When Reporting

When reporting illegal online gambling, it’s essential to gather sufficient evidence to support the claim. This may include screenshots of the illegal website, transaction records, or any communication with the operator. Once the evidence is collected, individuals can contact the relevant authorities through their official channels, providing detailed information about the illegal activities and the parties involved.

Consequences of Not Reporting

Failing to report illegal online gambling can have serious consequences for society and individuals. It allows illicit operators to continue exploiting vulnerable consumers, often leading to financial losses and social harm. Moreover, turning a blind eye to illegal activities may also expose individuals to legal liabilities, as knowingly participating in illegal gambling can result in criminal charges.


Reporting illegal online gambling in the Philippines is crucial for safeguarding the integrity of the gambling industry and protecting consumers from harm. By understanding the nature of illegal activities, familiarizing oneself with relevant laws, and taking proactive steps to report violations, individuals can contribute to creating a safer and more regulated gambling environment. Check out also Is online casino legal in Philippines?

FAQs frequently ask questions

Can I report illegal online gambling anonymously?

Yes, many authorities accept anonymous reports of illegal gambling activities to protect the identity of whistleblowers.

What evidence do I need to report illegal online gambling?

Evidence may include screenshots of the illegal website, transaction records, and any communication with the operator.

Will I face any repercussions for reporting illegal online gambling?

As long as the report is made in good faith and with sufficient evidence, individuals are protected by law and encouraged to report illegal activities.

How long does it take for authorities to act on reports of illegal gambling?

The response time may vary depending on the complexity of the case and the workload of the investigating agencies.

What should I do if I encounter suspicious online gambling activities?

Individuals should cease any involvement with the website or platform, gather evidence, and promptly report the activities to the relevant authorities.

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